Because the Largest Transaction of Your Life

Deserves Extra Attention

Who We Are

We’re a compound name with a simple idea.

A team of industry professionals working in Toronto Real Estate For over 30 years.

We pair market-savvy agents with experienced lawyers From the beginning of the relationship.

The legal fees for services are deducted From commissions you already pay.

We become one team with one goal, All paid for by one commission.

How It Works

1. The Initial Consultation

It all starts with a meeting. A Real Estate Agent and a Lawyer will sit down with you to better understand how we can help.

An Agent will meet with you to assess your current Real Estate Situation.

Selling? Get a free property valuation. Understand how your goals and expectations fit in the current market.

Buying? We’ll ask the right questions to understand exactly what your dream home is made of. Besides dreams, of course.

A Lawyer will present the services offered by our partner firm, and what’s included in the real estate commission.

After commencement of the retainer, they’re there for you 24/7.

Downsizing? Have a discussion regarding wills, estates, and trusts. Consult on how you can best structure a transaction to protect yourself in a harsh marketplace.

Adding to the Portfolio? Your consultation includes discussion of how the proper corporate and financial structure can help you obtain and protect your goals.

2. The Work Commences

The plan goes into action. Sit back and watch as we make your goals reality.

If you have questions any step of the way, feel free to ask. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors, or used car sales tactics. Real Estate should be as transparent as the windows on the house you’re selling.

Some of The Tools At Our Disposal

3. Hard Effort Pays Off

From contract to closing, our agents and lawyers are there for you.

Whether its your first home or your hundredth investment, we can make the entire process smoother, faster, and more efficient. Stop by our office for a signing meeting and pick up the keys to your new property.

The relationship doesn’t stop there. Real Estate is a business built on customer service. Closings should be treated as the beginning of a relationship, not the end. Our commitment to the excellent level of service doesn’t stop when the daily listing results do.

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